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When to start treatment?

The vast majority of couples have eagerness and devotion to be parents of a healthy child. In common, 80% couples get pregnant during the initial twelve months of natural intercourse. But for 15-20% of couples this doesn’t happen even after 1year of unprotected intercourse. Then they are supposed to be evaluated for infertility.

But some patients need to be evaluated earlier (after 6 months itself) like,

➣ Age of female more than 35 years
➣ H/o irregular cylces/ severe menstrual pain /cysts
➣ Male sexual dysfunction/ surgeries / semen abnormalities

Treatment options for the couple:

1. Natural cycle monitoring, counselling about fertile period ( NC )
2. Ovulation induction with tablets and follicular monitoring ( OI & FM )
3. Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)
4. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
5. Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
6. Donor Oocyte program
7. Donor Embryo Program
8. PGT A/ PGD : Patients with recurrent abortions, genetic abnormalities and anomalies in first sibling or one of the partners are offered PRE GENETIC TESTING FOR ANEUPLOIDIES ( PGT-A) OR PREGENETIC DIAGNOSIS OF SPECIFIC DISORDERS OF EMBRYOS (PGS, PGD)
10. Superovulation with injectables (Gonadotrophins), follicular monitoring and luteal support.
11. Andrology Clinics : SPERM Quality and Quantity are improved by traditional ways, tablets, hormonalinjections.
12. Sexual Dysfunction Clinic : Erection and ejaculation or semen collection issues are addressed
13. Myomectomy, septal resection, vaginoplasty
14. Endometriotic cystectomy
15. Tubal recanalization
16. Green IVF or minimal stimulation protocol
17. MESA, TESA, TESE ( Testicular Sperm Retrieval)
18. Surrogacy
19. IUI with donor sperms
20. Repeated Miscarriage Management:It can be very frustrating for the couple if IVF fails or if they have experienced a new pregnancy and then a miscarriage. Rather than getting upset there are scientific ways to do problem solving. We have particular individualized approach to each patient with negative results or miscarriages for planning next pregnancy and for preventing failures or miscarriages.There are certain ways to manage these pregnancies so that the pregnancy continues without problems.Even patients with repeated miscarriages are managed with latest proven ways to deliver healthy child.

21. Oocyte Freezing
22. Fertility Preservation
23. Sperm Freezing/ Testicular sperms freezing

Donor Oocyte Programme

This is offered to patients with ovarian failure, AMH < 0.5 and very low Antral Follicle Count (AFC), previous multiple IVF failures, genetic abnormalities in the female partner. We have offered this as the last resort to many couples, but the satisfactory part of this program is the highest success rate and the happiness that the family achieves. The selection of donor is strictly done according to ICMR guidelines- Age less than 30 years, good ovarian reserve, had atleast one healthy child, basal investigations all normal, seronegative HIV PCR, consent from partner. Proof of age and identity are all checked. . Finally, the anonymity is strictly maintained, at the same time, we will also make sure that the donor has complexion, good height, facial resemblance to the recipient. Many of the couples delivered with this program are immensely happy and share the pictures with their kid on many occasions showing their satisfaction with the treatment procedures.

Donor Embryo Programme

This is offered as the last resort for couples with low ovarian reserve and also low sperm count, multiple failures and genetic problems that cannot be diagnosed. The oocyte and sperm are both taken from anonymous donors. It is not taken from any couple, it is created in the lab with voluntary ovum donors and sperm donor samples, taking into account the characteristics of the recipient couple. This procedure has highest success rate and gives hope in life and utmost happiness by creating a complete family.

Commitment To Fertility Treatment

In our clinic we offer due care with individualized way, considering the success rate and costs of each treatment method. We are very transparent in all medical and financial aspects. We offer ethical treatment to patients. It is a team approach, our assistant doctors, nurses and the counsellors are offered periodic training to satisfy the needs of patients in the best amicable way. Every patient’s details and identity are maintained and the patients are given time to discuss their ideas. They are given counselling about every clinical procedure and also the costs involved in it. So, our patients are well informed and satisfied. Husband is motivated and involved in all the counselling and treatment procedures, which in turn improves the success rate of treatments.

We have good doctors with high qualifications from reputed centres in our panel, who help us to constantly improve our processes.

Hence with Affectionate, Apt, Altruistic and Affordable services trusted by all we form happy families.