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Diagnosing Infection and Treating it, gives success for patients with tubal block!

This was a patient who was already having one child who was 5 years of age, Came for second child after 6 to 8 months of treatment elsewhere.

We did HSG /Tubal patency test, it showed bilateral distal tubal block. She was related to my surgeon colleague. So then together we did hysterolaparoscopy, we found that both tubes were blocked with pus collected in tubes (Hydrosalpinx). So with prior consent, as the tubes were totally damaged we did Bilateral tubal removal and sent it for testing. It revealed TB/ Tuberculous infection. She was worried when she came to know, with proper counseling and information about the infection, she accepted the treatment very well.

She was given medications for 9 months. As she was from Kancheepuram. She went back, got cured completely and came back for IVF/ Test tube treatment after 1 year. We did and she is now pregnant @ 7 months of gestation. (As on December 2019)