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Second ICSI CYCLE with us, great belief and trust!

A couple really co-operative for treatment procedures and understanding came for fertility workup after two year of marriage. The female partner was 28years of age. She had 6 cycles in a year of natural cycle and timed intercourse failed. Later 3 cycle IUI, later Diagnostic Hysterolaparoscopy, then again 2 cycles IUI in almost 2 years’ time.

We the decided to go advised to IVF/ICSI, unexpectedly we found that her Oocytes were very less in number and quality than expected. This was during the floods in Chennai, that she become negative and was even difficult to contact her.

We later did FSH, LH receptor mutations study, which showed receptor mutations.

Then 2 nd cycle ICSI with higher dosage of injections and different higher quality purer forms was used. She had miracle in her life, very good quality and number of oocytes we got, she formed 8 blastocyst with grade A and B. We were very sure it will work.

Transferred two embryos, she conceived with single baby after 3 long years of journey. But in this time, she was left in her own pace, never we urged her. For the unexpected, her husband had brain vessel leak for which surgery was done in between. The couple recovered from all hard times and came for the second cycle, which turned their life into light. she delivered a smart boy child who is now 3 years with all naughtiness and health. (As on December 2019)