Welcome to A4 Fertility Centre, We are one of the best fertility / IVF centre in Chennai.

1. Expert patient care
"The scans and consultation will be done at same Centre by same fertility doctors and with minimal waiting time."

-> This is an important factor in the success of fertility management, doing scans and consultation in same place by the same doctor, which is also comfortable for the couple. Also, interpretation and implication of minor variables helps in treatment and increases the success rate.

-> Inhouse experienced embryologist team with dedication for improving the quality ensures highest success rates. They form the foundation of any good Fertility Centre. Their commitment towards the work contributes to 50 % of success of IVF cycles.

-> All fertility treatments are carried out in one sinlge roof with best quality and success rates. The treatments offered are IVF, ICSI, Embryo Transfer, Embryo Freezing, Oocyte freezing, Semen or testicular sperms freezing, fertility preservation as needed by the patients.

-> Our IVF lab is kept at par with international standards, with all latest and proven equipments and technologies.

-> Patients who are > 38 – 40 years are given specific protocols and planned in the best way so that they achieve successful pregnancy and more importantly delivery of the healthy child with shorter time taken to pregnancy.

-> Patients with repeated abortions are managed effectively with individualized approach and latest technologies like PGT- A.

-> Hence, the best services are offered to couple in need. We are proud about being one of the best fertility centre in Chennai.

2. Clinical Counselling

-> After the consultant and couple decides on particular treatment plan like say IUI, IVF, ICSI or Laparoscopy.
-> The patient undergoes complete procedural counselling about the steps prior to and during the treatment by our Assistant doctors or Clinical Coordinators. By this way the couple becomes clear and confident about treatment.

3. Financial Counselling

-> Once the treatment plan is finalized, the financial counselling is given. The couple is explained about all the costs from the start to embryo transfer and freezing without hidden charges.
-> So, they can plan their treatment systematically and confidently. Their trust is maintained by being transparent and ethical in all the steps of treatment.

4. Psychological Counselling

-> Our counsellors are Psychologists who work with commitment, empathy and impart strong positive thoughts to the couple. Their role helps the patient to overcome the stress of infertility, family and social issues.
-> They might not be directly helping them to overcome the problems but their problem solving attitude will definitely help the patients realize their own problems and find ways to overcome those by themselves.
-> Not all couples become positive and successful on the first attempt but the “What Next “attitude helps to find the next diagnostic and treatment methods.

5. Inhouse Embryologist

Main criteria and main reason for high success rates is Inhouse Embryologist’s team, who do QA QC of all equipments and lab through out the year.