Welcome to A4 Fertility Centre, We are one of the best fertility / IVF centre in Chennai.

1. State Of Art Operation Theatre for advanced laparoscopy

-> Laminar Air Flow with positive pressure system
-> Pendants for Laparoscopy monitors and work stations
-> Advanced Datex- Omeda anesthesia workstation
-> Stryker Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Units
-> Electronic control panel with monitoring air quality and pressure

-> Very spacious OT complex with NABH standards
-> Separate CSSD area

All gynecologic and fertility related surgeries can be done in this modular OT. All the latest equipment’s are available to ease the surgery.

2. IVF Lab / The Heart of any fertility centre

-> HEPA Filters with 0.3 microns filters, ISO/class 100 clean room standards
-> Four tier air filtration ensuring Biolgical and VOC free lab
-> Complete Corian ( Avantec ) wall panelling first time in the region, ensuring VOC free lab
-> IVF Tech Laminar Air Flow workstation from Denmark
-> Minc tabletop Incubators for Blastocyst Culture from COOK medical, USA
-> QA QC done with monitoring system of international standards
-> Separate room for Cryofreezing and PGT A
-> ICSI Manipulator latest Version
-> Air purifiers & Positive Pressure System For Clean Air Apart from HEPA Filters
-> Blastocyst Culture

Single embryo transfer

In the era of women empowerment, the risk of putting ones’ career on hold throughout pregnancy is the main reason for delaying childbirth and results in depression. We do single embryo transfer for patients with good prognosis, so that the risk of twining is avoided. The success rates still remain at par with double embryo transfer, with better chance of going up to term, better live birth rate and lesser perinatal morbidity for mother and child.


For special indications like what is mentioned below Pre Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies is done.

1. Advanced maternal age
2. Previous anomalous child or Chromosomal abnormalities
3. Very low sperm counts
4. Recurrent implantation failure
5. Recurrent pregnancy loss

In this procedure, the embryos are cultured till day 5 blastocyst stage and the trophectoderm cells are biopsied by our validated embryologist and sent to Genetic laboratory. After a couple of weeks, we get the report about each embryo biopsied, along with Mitoscore which tells the implantation potential. In frozen embryo transfer cycles the normal embryo is transferred with best outcomes.


Endometrial receptivity array testing is done for patients with recurrent implantation failure. In this test, 238 genes are screened and the receptivity window is exactly identified. In the subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycle, the embryo is placed in the exactly same time period. This serves as one of the options for patients with multiple IVF failures.

3. Our Andrology Unit

-> We have dedicated Andrologist Doctor for male partner care. We have Andrology Technician team who are available throughout the day for semen analysis, semen freezing, processing for IUI, IVF and ICSI.
-> We follow electronic witnessing system with double witnessing for each critical steps in both andrology and embryology lab. Reporting is double checked and reports issued with minimal waiting time.
-> We do DNA Fragmentation Test for patients recommended, like smokers, diabetic, age more than 40 years, failure of IUI 2 to 3 cycles etc.

4. Our Recovery Suite and In-Patient Facility

We have a well-equipped recovery area meeting ICU standard, with full-time In-House Anesthesiologist. Our In Patient (IP) facility has excellent patient deluxe couches, oxygen supply, suction facility in all rooms and with nurse call system in rooms, restrooms for patient safety. The patients of ART procedures are mostly managed as day care, which make the treatment very patient friendly. But however, if patient requires stay in the hospital facility, the option is provided with Luxury rooms, single deluxe rooms, double sharing and triple sharing rooms.

5. A4 HMS (Hospital Management Software)

The HMS is unique in the way it is tailored specific to the needs of Fertility Centre, from the entry of every patient to their record maintenance for years after their conception. Every patient gets a unique bar-coded ID and photographs are also registered. The treatments are entered systematically so that the important facts to be considered in the treatment are well planned, entered and communicated. The electronic summary of embryology details gives accurate and precise information for couples.

The unique feature of this HMS is that, the witnessing system is integrated so that in OPD, Andrology, IP, Ovum Pick Up procedure, Embryology lab procedure, Embryo transfer procedure and cryopreservation procedure the double witnessing system, bar code ID and electronic witnessing system helps to maintain the standards and avoid errors.